Maximize Your Earnings with StemCell v2

The demand for beautiful and functional 3D content is growing every day. New apps, VR experiences, and marketplaces are hungry for massive amounts of models that will “just work”, and we’re in a unique position to give them just that. Build your models to the StemCell spec, and we’ll handle getting them into all new markets for you. We’ll make it easy for you to build once, and then enjoy the extra money we generate for your models.

Climb the Search Rankings
Climb the Search Ranking

Customers want a frictionless experience when they’re buying a model – they want it to “just work”. StemCell models give them that, so we give StemCell models a significant boost in our search results.

Reach a Broader Audience
Reach a Broader Audience

Auto-convert your models to more formats, appealing to more customers. Stop worrying about converting correctly. If you use 3ds Max or Blender we do all the work for you.

Be the Star of the Show
Be the Star of the Show

Priority placement across TurboSquid. StemCell content is highlighted across the site from to get it in-front of more customers.

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Unified Workflow for 3D Modeling

3D modeling for StemCell requires having clean, UV unwrapped geometry and texture based PBR materials. This enables TurboSquid to handle automated conversions to multiple DCC applications, game engines, and interchange formats.

Ideal StemCell

StemCell Modeling Resources

Let us guide you through the process of understanding, creating, and publishing StemCell 3D Modeling content.

Start Creating
Start Creating

Get started here use our step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of creating StemCell content.

Textures & Materials
Textures & Materials

Texture based materials are the key to creating versatile StemCell models. Learn what you need to know.

Submitting & Publishing
Submitting & Publishing

Learn how to get your StemCell content converted and ready to publish.

StemCell FAQ

Get answers to some of the most common StemCell questions.

3D Applications Supported By StemCell

StemCell is open to all artist. You can upload your Blender (Cycles) or 3ds Max (Arnold, VRay, or Physical) models. TurboSquid will then provide native conversions to Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Maya (coming soon). Additionally, your models will be converted to Unreal, Unity, glTF, USDz, and an FBX format with embedded textures.

Input Submission Formats
StemCell v1 StemCell v2 Adding Later
DCC – Render Engine
3ds Max – Arnold /V-Ray/Physical 3ds Max – Arnold /V-Ray/Physical Cinema 4D – Physical/Arnold
Maya – Arnold / VRay Blender – Cycles Maya – Arnold / VRay
Cinema 4D – Physical/Arnold

Output Conversion Formats
StemCell v1 StemCell v2 Adding Later
DCC – Render Engine
3ds Max – Arnold /V-Ray/Physical 3ds Max – Arnold /V-Ray/Physical Maya – Arnold/V-Ray
Maya – Arnold / VRay Blender – Cycles
Cinema 4D – Physical/Arnold Cinema 4D – Arnold/Physical
Game Engines
Unreal Ureal
Unity Unity
Realtime & Exchange Formats
glTF glTF

Current StemCell Limitations

Since the StemCell specification requires artists to simplify their workflow, we understand that there will be limitations introduced to the types of content contributors can create for StemCell.

We’re currently working on addressing these issues, but in its current state, the StemCell project is looking to solve the immediate goal of offering useful content, in native applications, to a wide range of varied customers.

  • Hair & Fur
  • Sub-Surface Scattering
  • Refraction (Game Engines)
  • Volumes
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Dynamics/FX
  • Displacement

TurboSquid Artist 3D Resources

Whether you’re a contributing TurboSquid artist or thinking about becoming one, everything you need to know can be found in our resources section.


Get Certified. Learn everything you need to know to create the best-quality 3D models for the TurboSquid Marketplace.


Sell your 3D content to an even larger audience. Now 2D designers and illustrators can effortlessly use your 3D models.

General Information
General Information

Learn about how to get paid as a TurboSquid artist, terms and agreements, and SquidGuild exclusivity.

TurboSquid Publishing
TurboSquid Publishing

Everything you need to know about publishing your content on the TurboSquid marketplace.