TurboSquid 3D Modeling Resources

TurboSquid 3D Modeling Resources

Welcome to TurboSquid 3D Modeling Resources, your home for 3D training. Take one of the paths below to refine your 3D technique, learn how to publish on the TurboSquid marketplaces, and meet the modeling specifications for our cutting-edge StemCell and CheckMate programs.

General Info: Becoming a TurboSquid Artist

If you’re just getting started as a TurboSquid Artist, we know you’ve got questions. How do I get paid? How do I join SquidGuild and earn higher royalties? How do I see my sales?

This section’s got you covered, but if you’re in a hurry, try our FAQ section

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TurboSquid: Publishing & Selling On TurboSquid

Thinking about uploading your first TurboSquid product? Learn how to publish your 3D models and how to use our specialized tagging system, as well as how to price your assets.

Note: we highly recommend learning more about how to put together your Product Page, whether you’re a first time uploader or a TurboSquid veteran.

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Training: Best Practices

It’s never a bad time to make sure your models meet the needs our our industry pro customers. Get tips from our team of experts on composition, lighting, and rendering, as well as customer-friendly scene organization (trust us, your buyers will thank you). We’ve also got an in-depth look at textures and materials, which will guide you on your path to creating photo-real models.

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CheckMate: Higher Standards, Bigger Sales, Better Modeling

TurboSquid is the home of the 3D industry’s only modeling quality standard. What does that mean for you? As an artist, we’re giving you a spec that helps you build a model that customers can depend on for its high quality and consistent organization. As a CheckMate artist, you’ll be able to take advantage of our helpful tools that help you identify issues with your model, as well as a direct line of communication to our expert team of CheckMate Inspectors, who will help you unlock your models’ full potential.

Note: CheckMate models receive a boost in TurboSquid search rankings, as well as a higher chance of syndication to one of our many partner sites.

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StemCell: Give Your Models an Edge, Rise To the Top

Building a model to our StemCell specification makes your 3D work accessible to nearly everyone. Build in the app where you’re the most comfortable and we’ll port your content out to several other major apps, including 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Unity, Unreal Engine, and more. This spec allows your models to work like native files no matter what app they’re in, putting your work into the hands of even more customers.

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PixelSquid: A New Audience– Stock Imagery From 3D Models

With PixelSquid, we’re giving 3D artists a chance to have their work purchased by an audience that doesn’t traditionally buy stock 3D: graphic designers. Learn more about the PixelSquid spec and how we’ll turn your 3D models into rotatable PNGs that allow Photoshop users to bring their creations to life, without having to use 3D applications.

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