Product Pricing Guidelines

Publishing artists set their own prices on their items on TurboSquid, but they should follow some general guidelines when setting those prices.  Here are some guidelines that are designed to help you choose appropriate prices for your models.

Make sure you are pricing your models to achieve maximum sales and royalties. Look at comparable 3D models on the site to check their prices and compare:

  • Realism
  • Complexity
  • Poly count
  • File formats offered
  • Texture/material/rigging settings
  • Age of model (Date Published)

From this information, you can figure out an appropriate price for your model. Setting your prices extremely low will not necessarily lead to better sales. The majority of our returning customers are production professionals with a budget for stock 3D models, and they expect to pay a fair price for quality models. For example, if you price a complex model under $10, customers will question its quality, and will very likely buy a higher-priced model instead. If you price the same model at $100, you will attract more customers and make a much larger royalty.

If TurboSquid finds that you have priced your products inappropriately, such products may be adjusted to decrease their visibility in search results.

Note: if you are submitting a 3D model for CheckMate Certification, its price must adhere to CheckMate pricing tiers. However, you are allowed to price Non-CheckMate models outside of those pricing restraints.