Ford Artist FAQ

TurboSquid is an official Ford licensee. It’s a great opportunity for all artists and customers, and involves several changes to the structure of how TurboSquid will sell and regulate products on our marketplace.


  • There is a special artist agreement for selling Ford-related 3D Models that you must agree to if you wish to continue selling Ford-related 3D Models.
  • TurboSquid is the only approved outlet for selling Ford related 3D Models. This means that Ford requires you to exclusively sell Ford related 3D models through TurboSquid, which has implemented their review process for buyers and sellers, whether you are a SquidGuild member or not.
  • Ford will review each new product for accuracy before the product is published.
  • For now, there will be no dual branded products, for example the “Shelby Mustang.” That is something that might happen in the future, but those products will not be allowed for sale at this time.
  • Ford-related 3D Models may be sold as part of a collection of Ford-related 3D; however, they may not be sold as part of a general collection of 3D cars of other brands.


  • Ford will share in the revenue for their products in this arrangement. Artist royalty rates will be somewhat lower. The new royalty rates for artists for Ford content are:
    • Diamond SquidGuild: 48%
    • Ruby SquidGuild: 46.4%
    • Emerald SquidGuild: 44.8%
    • Gold SquidGuild: 43.2%
    • Silver SquidGuild: 41.6%
    • Bronze SquidGuild: 40.8%
    • Clear SquidGuild: 40%
    • Standard Artist Royalty (non-SquidGuild): 32%
  • TurboSquid recommends that you consider raising your price by at least 25%, for example raising from $100 → $125.
  • Previously, TurboSquid offered Ford products only for editorial uses. Now customers can use Ford products for many other types of uses.
  • Ford has the exclusive and unilateral right to approve or disapprove a specific purchase of a Ford product, depending on the purchaser’s stated use.
  • Ford has a significant number of licensees that will be directed to your buy TurboSquid content. Our hope is that this will increase the sales of Ford 3D Models.