Scenes vs. Collections

A 3D model file that contains several objects can be either a scene or a collection. This article describes the differences between the two so you can categorize your product appropriately.

A scene is a grouping of objects placed in an interior or exterior environment that forms a meaningful unit, such as an architectural block, an office interior, or a town setting. A scene often includes terrain (exterior) or floors/walls (interior) to set the environment for additional objects placed appropriately.

A collection is a series of like or related objects intended to be used or placed separately by the customer. A collection does not include an environment nor are objects placed together in a meaningful unit. For example, a product consisting of individual pieces of office furniture lined up in a row, intended for the customer to merge individually into another scene, is considered a collection, even if they are all in the same file.

You might also have a grouping of a small number of objects that are neither a scene nor a collection. For example, a dining room set consisting of four matching chairs and a table is considered a 3D model, not a scene or collection.

If you are in doubt about whether your product is a scene, a collection, or simply a 3D model, please contact Support for assistance.