Guide to Reporting Defective Product Pricing

You can report 3D models in the $1 – $5 range that are priced far below what they should be through the Report function on the model’s Product Preview.


Select the Defective Product Pricing option

There is no need to report more than one item from an artist’s catalog as we will review the artist’s entire catalog when one product is reported.

If products are found to have defective pricing, a request for a price adjustment will be sent to the products’ artist. Once we notify an artist, we allow them a compliance period. If they do not comply within the allotted period of time, the product(s) will be subject to changes that may decrease visibility within search results.

After submitting your report, please allow time for us to review the product, contact the artist, and wait for his/her reply. Repeated submissions and requests for updates from our staff will delay this process.  Please note that currently we are only accepting submissions for models that fall into the $1 – $5 price range.