3D Model Product Specifications

When publishing a 3D model, in Step 1 of the Publisher, you will need to enter information about the model itself. This information will appear in the Product Preview, and some of the fields can be searched by customers.

Product Name – Enter a descriptive product name. See Product Names for tips for writing an appropriate, professional name that will help customers find your model.

Price – Set an appropriate price for your model. See Pricing Policy for tips on choosing a price.

Media Type – Set this field to 3D Models when publishing a model.

Geometry – See How do I choose the Geometry type for my 3D model?

Polygons – Enter the number of polygons in the model. If you’ve applied subdivision to the model, enter the number of polygons before subdivision.

Vertices – Enter the number of vertices in the model before subdivision.

Textures – Indicate whether texture maps are included with the model.

Materials – Indicate whether materials have been applied to the model.

Rigged – Indicate whether the model includes a rig of any kind.

Animated – Indicate whether the model includes animation.

UV Mapped – Indicate whether the model includes UV mapping. Models with textures and materials have UV mapping. Models mapped entirely with procedural mapping or reflection maps might not have UV mapping.

Unwrapped UVs – See What is the Unwrapped UVs attribute on a 3D model?