Free3D Syndication FAQ

Why have you moved priced content to Free3D?

We believe that customers who already download free content from Free3D will turn into paying customers by purchasing premium, affordably priced 3D models from a site they already know and love.

What types of products will be on Free3D?

3D models only.

What is the royalty rate?

The royalty rate on Free3D sales will be the same as on TurboSquid. This also includes the SquidGuild royalty rate.

Will I be paid through Free3D or TurboSquid?

Royalties for your Free3D sales will be paid with your TurboSquid payments.

How do I know if my models are on Free3D?

You can look to see in your Syndication dashboard if any of your models are listed on Free3D.

How do I sell my content on Free3D?

The benefit of Syndication is that you do not have to do anything. TurboSquid will automatically push your published models to TurboSquid and Free3D so that you will have opportunities to sell in multiple locations.

At the beginning, TurboSquid is starting syndication with a subset of content, but across a wide variety of artists. Eventually much more content will be syndicated automatically. All content will be stored and secured on TurboSquid, so rest assured that your content will be safe.

Can I opt out of Free3D syndication?

No. Distribution through Free3D is an intrinsic part of our business plan. Generally, this should be aimed at customers new to 3D and should help grow the market.

What happens if I make changes to content on TurboSquid? How long will it take for the changes to appear on Free3D?

When you update your TurboSquid content that is syndicated, the content will be automatically updated on Free3D. In most cases, it will take less 5 minutes for your product to update on Free3D. However, in some cases, it could take up to 24 hours. If you do not see your changes within 24 hours, please contact support for assistance.

How do I see my Free3D sales?

You can see your Free3D sales the same way that you see your PixelSquid sales in your Sales Activity on your dashboard and in your Sales Monthly Details report. Free3D sales will be marked as (Free3D) so that you can easily see the source of the sale.

How long it will it take for my stats to update?

In most cases, it will take less 5 minutes for your stats to update.

Is syndication also available for CGStudio?

Publishing to our other new site,, is unchanged for now. However, we plan to add syndication from TurboSquid in the future.