How To Use the Feature Graph Artist Tool

TurboSquid offers a new tool for artists to set their own categories in the Feature Graph. This is our taxonomy of more than 20,000 categories of objects and brands that attempts to span most everything in both known and imaginary worlds.  This taxonomy powers our search dropdowns, product navigation, related products, and many other internal tools for TurboSquid artists and staff.  This will replace the set of 300 categories that you see in the publisher.  You can access the category tool at

When you publish a product, you can set categories immediately. If not, after 24 hours, your product will be assigned a category or categories by an algorithm. The algorithm matches on keywords and traditional categories to place the product in the appropriate Feature Graph category. It is not always successful, and we think artists will be more accurate.  This tool will allow you to set or reject categories.

There are 2 primary areas: Objects and Brands. Object covers what a product is generically — a house, a tiger, a smartphone. Brand covers the manufacturers and IP contained within a product — Apple iPhone 6s, West Elm furniture, Hyundai.  You can also use the categories Real-Time, Collections, and Cartoon. All categories need to have an Object. If your product contains IP owned by someone else, you need to select the correct Brand or contact TurboSquid to add one.

There are three states for your products when you load the tool. The product can have no Feature Graph categories, categories that were assigned by the algorithm, or categories assigned and locked by TurboSquid staff. After you make your choices, they will be reviewed by TurboSquid staff and will be confirmed or removed.  You should choose all categories that are accurate, but keep in mind that most products have a single Object or Origin.  As with all past products, TurboSquid adjusts all categories for accuracy. We will remove any that are not appropriate or are used as spam. It is unfair to other artists to leave spam categories. If an artist repeatedly abuses the category tool, they may be removed from the site. If you think TurboSquid erred in removing a category, please contact us at

When No Categories Exist

You will see the widget in this state through a variety of ways. Immediately upon publishing a new model, there will be no categories. You may also see it if you or a TS staff member have removed all the algorithmic selections. Another way to see it is if a TurboSquid staff member has declined the categories that you have previously chosen.  No matter the means, this view means you are totally free to pick new Feature Graph categories for your product.

what do I do if no category exists

No category chosen

If you do not select categories for your products within the first 24 hours of publishing, we will run our algorithm to find appropriate assignments. You will be able to adjust these using the tool.  The TurboSquid staff still reviews all categories for accuracy, but what we have found so far is that our artist community does a great job with it. Eventually, this tool will reside within the new One page Publisher, but for now, you can access it each time you view one of your products.

Begin by typing the most accurate category you can. We match on the category names as well as any synonyms. So if you want to choose a “fantasy spacecraft,” you could also type, “Science Fiction Spacecraft,” “sci-fi spaceship,” “sci-fi spacecraft,” and so on. In all instances, the your product will be placed in the same category. And if customers search for any of those synonyms, they will be directed to the same result set.

Once you have selected something, you may have the opportunity to navigate more deeply in our feature taxonomy.  The “navigate deeper” text box will suggest categories that naturally follow the one you have chosen. When you have found the most accurate category, click on “Publish Category Changes”.

If you have chosen an inaccurate category, simply click on the red X by the breadcrumbs. Upon save, that category will be removed.

how to remove inadequate categories

Removing an inaccurate category

When Your Product Has Pre-Selected Categories

You will see the widget in this view through two ways. If you have not yet had the opportunity to assign categories to your new product, after 24 hours, our algorithm will select some; or, if you have already chosen categories, you’ll see this widget if a TurboSquid staff member has not yet reviewed your choices.

how to adjust pre-selected categories

Pre-Selected Categories

If the algorithm selected them, you may remove them if inaccurate and add to them if incomplete. We generally prefer for products that are single item to have a lone category, but there are exceptions where our taxonomy falls short.  If you need to add a second (or third) category to adequately represent your product, you should do so. As before, simply click “Save Changes” when you are satisfied with your categories.

When a Category Has Already Been Confirmed

You will see this view of the Feature Graph tool when a TurboSquid staff member has assigned a category for your product. You cannot remove a category that has been chosen by us directly. If you think it is an inaccurate choice, contact us at

example of confirmed categories

Confirmed category

If you cannot find a Brand or Object let us know. While there will always be a broader option for an Object, TurboSquid needs your help in identifying manufacturers and other IP holders. If we are missing something, reach out to the breadcrumbs email address.

For any other questions, please consult our FAQ.