SquidGuild Network

SquidGuild members have the opportunity to sell their content on the SquidGuild Network, a hub of partners and affiliated sites that specialize in the sale of 3d models. The value is really clear: publish once on TurboSquid and be automatically syndicated to other sites with no further work. You can opt out of any sites for any reason.

As a member of the SquidGuild network you will be expanding your product visibility and have specialist industry related teams working to sell your content. TurboSquid works closely with these partners to ensure your content is distributed into their system. All of this all happens without you having to lift a finger.

Sales through the network will be displayed in the Reports section, alongside any TurboSquid.com sales. In the same way, your payments from the network sites will also be incorporated into your regular TurboSquid payments.

Artists do not need to do anything to push their content to the network sites.  That will all be done automatically, in some cases filtering which content is distributed.

The actual product content is not distributed to network partners.  All product content is only on TurboSquid servers. Only product description and thumbnails are pushed to the network partner.