Composition, Lighting, & Rendering

  • 3D Photography - This introduction to 3D Photography will cover the concepts that go into making a compelling shot, judging the balance of light and shadow for your shot, improving a shot with reflectors, choosing the right camera lens and setting up a shot using some basic composition tips.
  • Guest Post: Rendering, Lighting, and Mood with Francesco Furneri - This article is part of a two-part tutorial on The Crocodile by TurboSquid contributor, Francesco Furneri (Texturing Crocodile Skin in Substance Painter and Lighting and Rendering with Arnold for Maya). Here, Francesco covers key concepts and detailed information about lighting and rendering that should be helpful to 3D modelers working in any application. TurboSquid is providing this section of Francesco’s tutorial…
  • Linear Workflow - This section will explain how to develop a PixelSquid Linear Workflow, how to monitor settings, and more.