No Materials Applied

TurboSquid’s goal is to provide value to our customers by providing quality models that can immediately be imported and used within their scenes. An important component of quality is the aesthetic of the model, which is greatly enhanced by using textures or materials.

When you create polygonal geometry, materials are not automatically assigned to the model.

Models that do not include materials are not useful for most customers. Since many customers are on tight deadlines, they do not have the time to do extra work to make a model usable. Properly textured models provide more value, are more attractive, and are less likely to result in a return.

CheckMate Pro LogoCheckMate Lite Logo For CheckMate Pro and Lite certification, you are required to apply materials to all of the components of a model to represent a real world surface.
Applied materials
Absence of applied materials

On the left, is a model with materials that are properly applied, while on the right, is a model with no applied materials. For a customer on a tight deadline, the model on the left offers the most value as there is no additional work required before importing it into his or her scene.

Sometimes it is easy to forgot to apply a material entirely when your model contains multiple elements. The default object color can often mimic a material in the viewports, and you may not realize that the model requires additional work. Be sure to check all parts of your model before you publish. This will ensure that you’ve applied materials to each component of your model.