Product Names

The Product Name for a 3D model tells the customer what the model is, and also helps your model show up in relevant Google searches. Since a large percentage of TurboSquid’s traffic comes from Google searches, the impact of a good product name can be significant.

A good Product Name has these attributes:

  • Says what the model is in plain English, with one or more adjectives and nouns
  • Each word is capitalized
  • Does not include file extensions like MAX or ZIP

The noun is important for Google searches. Even if it’s obvious to a customer that the model is a car, airplane, or woman, Google uses the first words on the product page as most relevant to its searches.

Conversely, having a Product Name that consists of words, numbers, and a file extension jammed together (such as will hurt your Google results. Google does not know what a is, but it knows what a Terrier Dog is.

Feel free to use Rigged or Animated as an adjective if it applies to the model. Do not use the term 3D in the product name unless it pertains specifically to the model’s content, such as a model of 3D glasses.

Examples of good product names:

  • F-15 Jet Airplane
  • Army Soldier
  • Pirate Clipper Ship
  • Generic Car
  • Rigged Woman
  • Asian Man
  • Rigged Asian Man
  • African Lion
  • Animated African Lion