SquidGuild Agreement

The terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Loyalty Terms”) constitute a legally binding agreement between TurboSquid and you (“you” or “your”) regarding the terms on which TurboSquid offers you access to its Loyalty Program (the “SquidGuild”). This agreement incorporates by reference the Terms of Use, Publishing Agreement, as well as the Site’s policies and procedures as such are made available under Terms & Agreements.

I. Increased Royalty and TurboSquid Exclusivity

Membership in the SquidGuild entitles you to an increased royalty rate as high as an additional 20% of the Product Price on a Purchase. Please see the Publisher Agreement for more details on Royalty Amounts.

As a condition for participation in the SquidGuild, You must publish all of your 3D Model Stock Media Products exclusively with TurboSquid (including any variations thereof, such as different poly counts, Textures and file types), as of the start date of your participation in the SquidGuild, and subject to the exclusions below. You must use one member account under this agreement, unless you ask and receive permission from Support to use more than one member account. If you use more than one member account to publish 3D Models, all such member accounts must be SquidGuild members and comply with this agreement.

For clarity, if you desire to non-exclusively publish Stock Media Products of media types other than 3D Models (such as Textures), such Stock Media Products must be published in another member account that is not a SquidGuild member. These products will not be eligible for the additional Royalty Amounts entitled to SquidGuild Members, and all Stock Media Products published in a SquidGuild member account must be exclusive.

II. Exclusions to TurboSquid Exclusivity

You may list Content with other distribution channels in the following circumstances: (1) if Content is free and on a personal webpage; and (2) if Content is for sale, but for sale only on a personal webpage marketplace in existence before July 15th, 2009, so long as that personal webpage marketplace sells only your Content.

III. Work-For-Hire and Employment

Nothing in these Loyalty Terms prevents you from working as an independent contractor or in an employment capacity to produce digital materials under the explicit specification and direction of a third party or in your own business.

IV. Termination

You may terminate participation in the SquidGuild by giving TurboSquid 30 days prior notice in writing to by going to our support page and clicking “Open a Support Ticket.” During the termination period, you must continue to list your content exclusively on the Site.

If Your terminate participation in the SquidGuild through giving notice as set forth above, there is a 90 day waiting period before you can re-apply to participate in the SquidGuild.

TurboSquid retains the right to immediately terminate your participation in the Services for any violation of the Terms of Use, Publishing Agreement, as well as any violation of these Loyalty Terms as judged in its reasonable discretion.

V. Confidential Information

As part of your participation in the SquidGuild, You may have access to certain reports, records, discussion forums, beta or pre-release Site features, and other business information available only to participants of the SquidGuild. Such information is the confidential information of TurboSquid and must be treated as confidential. You may not disclose such confidential information and should use reasonable physical and electronic security measures to safeguard such confidential information.