Buying and Selling Artist Collections FAQ

Does TurboSquid allow sellers to buy the rights to other seller’s models?

Yes. You are allowed to assign your account to another seller else as long as you notify TurboSquid and we agree to the transfer. Some sellers decide to change careers or need money for various reasons. To that end, TurboSquid does not want to impede legal and reasonable commerce.

With that being said, TurboSquid’s involvement in these types of transactions between sellers is limited to assistance with removing tax information and granting account access to the purchaser.

Please note that if you are the seller of the account, you must disclose any complaints that have been issued against the account, including any copyright infringement reports. The seller of the account must give consent toTurboSquid to release the information to the purchaser by submitting a support ticket from the account that is being purchased (you cannot give consent via live chat). Please note, TurboSquid reserves the right to refuse to grant the purchaser access to the account if the seller does not give written consent.

I want to transfer my account to another seller. What kind of documentation do I need to provide to TurboSquid?

Both parties should provide TurboSquid with a document that explains the transfer. That document should be signed or e-signed by both parties. Each party should submit copies of the contract via support tickets: 

  • The seller should send the contract through a support ticket that is created from the purchased TurboSquid account.
  • The purchaser should send the contract through a support ticket that is created from their normal TurboSquid account. This is the place where TurboSquid will communicate official information.

How does TurboSquid help sellers to transfer ownership from one account to another? 

The seller and purchaser must coordinate the majority of the transaction on their own, including any financial/tax aspects. Once the formal transfer of ownership is completed, the seller and purchaser must do all of the following:

  1. Seller must remove all payment information from the account they have sold. This can be done by using fake data in all of the required fields.
  2. Seller must set the account’s email address to
  3. Seller must request to TurboSquid via support ticket to complete the account transfer.

What TurboSquid can do to help:

  • Remove any tax information from the purchased account.
  • Provide the new owner with login access once all of the above steps have been completed.

What TurboSquid cannot do:

  • Transfer models from one account to another
  • Coordinate any of the financial/accounting aspects of the two accounts. If you need assistance with the accounting portion, we suggest that you consult a tax/financial expert in your country.