Data Deals FAQ

What are Shutterstock datasets / data deals?

Shutterstock datasets, also known as data deals, are a product offering developed to support companies building computer vision machine learning models. Shutterstock datasets are sets of visual content organized by a specific theme or topic that can include images (including photos, illustrations, and vectors), videos, music and 3D models. All content within datasets incorporates metadata, including keywords, descriptions, geo-location, and categories. Examples of datasets include a wide range of industry categories like food & beverage, transportation & autonomous vehicles, animals & wildlife, clothing & apparel, travel, tourism & hospitality, etc.

Datasets, also referred to as data deals, provide a potential new source of revenue by extending our reach to new customers that do not currently work with Shutterstock, including AI researchers, leading technology developers and manufacturers.

Is all TurboSquid content used in Data deals?

TurboSquid content is not involved in every deal mentioned in Shutterstock’s material and will only be utilized in projects for which the content would be relevant.

How do I get paid from a Data deal?

For any TurboSquid content used in Shutterstock data deals, earnings from datasets are pooled in a collective fund and will be distributed every three to six months. If you have generated earnings from the fund, you will see those posted in your Earnings Summary, labeled as “Contributor Fund” earnings.

Can I opt out of Data deals?

Yes, we have an option in the contributor account settings that will allow you to opt out of having your content included to be active in datasets, also known as data deals.

Will TurboSquid content be used in the Shutterstock AI Image Generator?

TurboSquid content is not part of the new Shutterstock AI Image Generator.