Pond5 Syndication FAQ

What is Pond5?

Pond5 is a video-first stock marketplace with a huge customer base of motion graphic designers.

How do I submit my models for Pond5 syndication?

There is no submission process. If you are opted into the “I agree to allow distribution through 3rd Party Partners that may have lower royalty rates.” option in Artist Settings and you have Cinema 4D files for sale, your content will likely be automatically syndicated to Pond5.

Where can I see if my models are syndicated?

On your artist dashboard, there is a section in the sidebar titled Syndication. You will find your syndicated content there.

Can I syndicate non-Cinema 4D models to Pond5?

No. At this time, Pond5 syndication only applies to Cinema 4D files. This includes any FBX or OBJ files provided with those models but not all FBX or OBJ files on TurboSquid.

What are the royalty splits for Pond5 content?

Since we are splitting the revenue between three parties for Pond5 sales, the payout amounts will be lower than a standard sale on TurboSquid.  Pond5 receives 35%, and then the remaining 65% share is split between the artist and TurboSquid at the applicable royalty rate. 

Can I opt out of Pond5 syndication?

Yes. To opt out, please create a support ticket through the following link provided and place the request with our support team. https://support.turbosquid.com/hc/en-us