General Motors Artist Agreement

For an explanation about what you are agreeing to, please visit the GM Artist FAQ.

I.  Introduction

This GM Artist Agreement (Agreement) is entered into by TurboSquid and you.  In addition to the responsibilities and obligations set forth in this document, all other TurboSquid and General Motors LLC (GM) terms and policies still apply, including but not limited to, the terms set forth in the Publishing Agreement between TurboSquid and you.  Defined terms shall have the meaning set forth herein or if not defined herein, as previously defined in the Publishing Agreement  In event of any conflict between the terms and obligations of this Agreement and the Publishing Agreement, the terms and obligations of this Agreement shall control and supersede the conflicting terms and obligations of the Publishing Agreement.

II. Definitions

Brand” refers to General Motors (GM), the company that allows TurboSquid to disseminate Stock Media Products depicting its Objects under the GM License.

Object” means certain elements from reference imagery used to build a Stock Media Product. By way of example, if you use images of an automobile to direct the authorship of a Stock Media Product depicting the automobile, the Object is the automobile in the images.

III. Publishing Rules for Stock Media Products Depicting the Brand

Accurate. The Stock Media Product is modeled with reasonable accuracy to the authentic appearance of the Object in reality to which GM owns design patents, trademarks, trade dress and other valuable intellectual property rights as further set forth below in the paragraph “Acknowledgement”. You may NOT modify or devise any confusingly similar or dilutive use of any of the Brand’s branding or trade dress, including vehicle designs, logos and any other distinctive feature.

    1. Identify. Identify the Object’s brand, product name, or manufacturer in at least the Stock Media Product (1) title and (2) tags.
    2. CAD Data. You may NOT improperly disclose or misappropriate any Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data.
    3. Approval. TurboSquid or GM may approve or reject the Stock Media Product or request that you modify the Stock Media Product. The Brand, through TurboSquid, has final, unilateral authority over whether the Stock Media Product may be published on TurboSquid. You may NOT circumvent the Site’s publisher screening to publish such Stock Media Products without approval.  The Brand, through TurboSquid, has the right in its sole discretion to revoke its approval of any Stock Media Product at any time.
    4. Damage. Any damage or damage animation depicted by the Stock Media Product must be realistic. You may NOT include any function in the Stock Media Product for the Object to catch fire, explode, or otherwise depict extremely dangerous conditions.
    5. No Pre-Release Concepts. You may NOT submit any Stock Media Product depicting a pre-release concept (i.e., before the Object becomes available to consumers of the Brand) without the prior written consent of GM.
    6. Exclusive Distribution.  Any Stock Media Product related to the Brand that is submitted to TurboSquid must be disseminated exclusively on the Site.  You may NOT provide, submit or facilitate the use of any such Stock Media Product related to the Brand to any third-party site or post any Stock Media Product related to the Brand to any site under your control.
    7. No Dual Branded Products.  You may NOT submit any dual branded Stock Media Products (e.g., the “Callaway Corvette”).
    8. No General Collections.  Stock Media Product related to the Brand may NOT be sold as part of a collection of 3D cars or other models that are unrelated to the Brand.  A collection consistent entirely of 3D Models related to the Brand may be offered only if each Stock Media Product has been approved individually.
    9. Digital Rights Management.  Wherever feasible, Stock Media Product related to the Brand should include digital rights management technology, including encryption, rights signaling, and copy protection technology, to prevent the unlicensed reproduction, use, or copying of the model.
    10. Case by Case Approval. Sale of Stock Media Products related to the Brand may be subject to case-by-case approval.  The Brand, through TurboSquid, has the exclusive and unilateral right to approve or disapprove a specific sale of any Stock Media Products related to the Brand based on a purchaser’s stated use.  Under the TurboSquid GM customer license agreement between TurboSquid and the customer, the Brand, through TurboSquid, has the exclusive and unilateral right to terminate a license granted to a customer and/or to reverse a purchase of Stock Media Products related to the Brand.  The Brand, through TurboSquid, also has the right to determine and/or modify the rights and obligations under a customer license agreement.


    1. Trademarks including but not limited to Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, HUMMER, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn the respective emblems and scripts associated with those Trademarks and the trade dress of vehicles produced by GM are owned exclusively by GM. You acknowledge and agree that GM owns all right, title, and interest in and to these trademarks and trade dress of vehicles produced by GM (collectively the “GM Properties”). You further acknowledge and agree that you shall have no claim of ownership in the GM Properties and shall not seek to enforce any right against GM or against any third party based on the GM Properties in any forum for any purpose.