TurboSquid’s Policy on Publishing AI-generated Content

TurboSquid does not accept AI-generated content from our artists

As AI-powered tools become more accessible, it is important for us to address the impact AI has on our artist community as it relates to content made licensable on TurboSquid. TurboSquid, in line with its parent company Shutterstock, is taking an ethically responsible approach to AI on its platforms. We want to ensure that artists are properly compensated for their contributions to AI projects while supporting customers with the protections and coverage issued through the TurboSquid license.

In order to ensure that customers are protected, that intellectual property is not misused, and that artists’ are compensated for their work, TurboSquid will not accept content uploaded and sold on our marketplace that is generated by AI. Per our Publisher Agreement, artists must have proven IP ownership of all content that is submitted. AI-generated content is produced using machine learning models that are trained using many other creative assets. As a result, we cannot accept content generated by AI because its authorship cannot be attributed to an individual person, and we would be unable to ensure that all artists who were involved in the generation of that content are compensated.