Bonus Imagery

Use your creativity and showcase your talent to impress customers with additional product shots, turntables, and more. You are welcome to use other standalone engines including Marmoset Toolbag or Keyshot to help show how your model will look inside a realtime engine or other application.

More images means more sales! Virtually all top selling artists provide dozens of images to showcase their models, and you should, too.

Example of informational overlay on product image

Simple Informational Text Overlay (model by Dannan)

Example of product shot displaying rigging controls

Rigging Controls (model by Denys Almaral)

Informational Text Overlay and Screenshot of 3D model on product page

Informational Text Overlay and Screenshot (model by Oleg Zhevelev)

Multi view style sheet of 3D model

Multi-view Style Sheet (model by BrushWolfDesign)

Example of product with morph target list

Morph Target List (model by MINH_DA)

Bitmap UV Overlays with text on 3D model product shot

Bitmap UV Overlays with Text (model by Simon Paul Mills)

Other Standards for Bonus Imagery

No Trademark Overlays
When selling branded content, you must not imply that your content is being sold by or endorsed by the company that makes the product. For that reason, you may not use trademark overlays on any of your product imagery. Please note that a trademark overlay does not include branding that is a true part of a model (for example, a brand insignia on a car). A trademark overlay is a logo that is used on the image but is not part of the model.

Logos are prohibited as overlays

Logos are prohibited as overlays

Examples of brand overlays

No Contact Information or QR Codes
Since TurboSquid offers extensive and guaranteed support, TurboSquid does not allow artists to publish any form of contact information in the product imagery or anywhere else on or affiliate sites. Contact information includes:

  • Personal website
  • Email address
  • Instant messaging handle
  • Phone number, address, QR codes, or any other information that a person can use to contact an artist outside of TurboSquid

QR codes are prohibited on TurboSquid images

Example of a QR code