For all required images, TurboSquid discourages artists from using watermarks, logos, text labels, borders or other distracting identifiers on them. This includes the Search Image, Product Shots, Wireframes, Turntable and UV Layout Images. However, based on artist feedback, we have decided that if you want to sneak a watermark in a clever and unobtrusive way for the sole purpose of detecting image theft, this is allowed on your Product Shots and Turntable. Adding a logo or watermark as a means of promotion or something that causes a visual distraction within the product is not permitted. Here’s an example (right) of acceptable watermarking.

As you can see from the images, the watermark is designed specifically not to be noticed on the full image. It’s very small and also highly transparent so it doesn’t obstruct any part of the geometry and it doesn’t do anything more than help protect this image from potential screenshotting or theft by an unauthorized party.

Beyond the required images, artists are welcome to provide additional Optional Imagery. For these images, watermark requirements do not apply, and artists are free to add annotations and watermarks to them. The only restriction on this is the current policy that no emails, contact information, or logos belonging to third-parties may be placed on any of your Imagery.

CREDIT: Model is by Denys Almaral – Rigged Cartoon Bunny 01 Blue

What's a watermark?

FULL IMAGE: Hey, where’s the watermark?

What's a watermark?

Subtle and unobtrusive = acceptable