CheckMate Collections Certification

Customers love model collections since they offer many options and a tremendous amount of value. We want customers to have the option to purchase the highest quality models at the value level they’re looking for, we are allowing artists to submit CheckMate-certified models as collections. If you are interested in certifying a collection, following the guidelines established in this article can better prepare your product for review.

What kinds of collections can I submit?

In order to certify a collection, all of the models included must be either CheckMate Pro or Lite certified. You can submit these as a Lite collection, a Pro collection, or a mixture of both:

  • A collection that contains only Pro-certified models is eligible for Pro certification
  • A collection that contains only Lite-certified models is eligible for Lite certification
  • A collection that contains both Lite- and Pro-certified models is eligible for Lite certification

What kind of imagery should I use for my CheckMate collection?

Search image and product shots
For certification of single models, scenes or sets of models, the search image must depict all of the components that are available in the model, scene or model set. However, using this type of imagery for collections does not always showcase the models effectively.

To best present your collections, we suggest the following:
Create one search image that showcases the best models included in the collection. You can also incorporate those elements into a cohesive scene. If you do this, be sure to list in the description any scene components that are not included and also be sure that you are following our Product and Imagery Presentation standards.

If there are any models that you haven’t included in the signature image, you should create similar images to show customers what else is included in the collection. Additionally, at least one product shot needs to be included for each model within the collection.

We originally asked artists to provide a wireframe for each product in a collection. Now, you only have to provide a wireframe for one product that best represents how all of the models are built. If you do this, you should add the following text above the list of assets provided in the description: You can find more wireframes by viewing the products listed below.

If you are publishing a collection, you are not required to create a turntable for each item (though you are free to do so if you wish). Acceptable collection turntables include featuring one model that best illustrates the quality of all of the models you are including in the collection or featuring several models in a single grouping.

How should I price my CheckMate collections?

Pricing for collections must be fair and provide reasonable value for the customer. Some collections will include multiple models that differ significantly in geometry. These should be priced at a discount of no greater than 35% of the combined price of the individual models in the collection. Some collections will include multiple models that use the same geometry but with minor texture and/or color differences, so you will want to price those accordingly.

How should I present a collection poly-count?

When you publish a model or collection, you don’t have the option to add poly-counts for each model included. In the 3D Model Specifications area in publisher, you should list the count of the largest product within the collection. Customers will want information about the poly-counts for the other models in the collection, so you can add this to the description either as a basic count range (example: Models in this collection range from 500,000 – 1,000,000 polys) or provide a poly count for each model.

How do I submit a collection for certification?

To submit your collection for review, create a ticket for our Support Team with the following information:

  1. Subject/Title: CM Collection Submission – (***Model’s Product ID#***).
    Example: “CM Collection Submission – (123456)”
  2. In your message, state the Certification Type (Pro/Lite) you are submitting for and list just the Product IDs of the individual models that are included.
    Ex: CheckMate Pro
    Please do not provide model names or links–a list of IDs works best and allows us to process these more quickly.