CheckMate Pricing

All CheckMate Certified models use a combined matrix pricing system. This means that anyone publishing a model that they want inspected for either CheckMate Pro or CheckMate Lite certification must price their work within the pricing provided below.

 CheckMate Pricing Matrix

Price range Pricing increments
$1 – $10 $1 increments
$11 – $19 $2 increments
$24 – $49 $5 increments
$59 – $359 $10 increments
$379 – $599 $20 increments
$649 – $999 $50 increments
$1,099 – $1,999 $100 increments
$2,499 – $4,999 $500 increments

Pricing Guidelines

When trying to price your model, there are several guidelines that you must follow:

First, the price of the product must be at least the average price of comparable selling models. This means you should review other similar models currently published within the TurboSquid library to see how they are priced. This should give you a good starting point on how to price your own work.

Second, you should also consider the value you’re providing to a potential customer. This may sound like a difficult question to answer, but you can think about it in this way. How many days / weeks of work are you going to save the customer if they buy your model instead of having to build and texture it (and maybe rig/animate it) from scratch on their own? More complex models (like vehicles, characters and architecture or even simpler geometry with clean UVs and complex/realistic materials) can be purchased for far less than it would take many 3D artists to build on their own, and as such, should be priced relatively higher. Customers don’t complain about higher prices if the model saves them a ton of work. To be clear, it’s not a matter of how long it takes you as an artist to build the model, it’s an estimate of how long it would take the customer to build it on their own.   

Finding the Average Price

To get the best idea of the average price for comparable models, search using your main keyword. From here you will want to narrow the search down to CheckMate certified models only.

Using the Quality Level drop down menu, you can choose CheckMate Pro or Pro and Lite certified models only.

Use the Sort drop down menu to organize the models prices.  

Look at models with content and complexity similar to your own.Your model’s attributes such as polygon count, rigging and animation, texture quality, and UV mapping technique will factor into the price as well. Finding other comparable, certified models will give you a working average that you can use to accurately price your model.