Modifying a CheckMate Certified

Editing the price, name, preview images, description, tags, related products and license

If you decide to change one of the descriptive text fields of a certified model, you will still keep your CheckMate badge for that item.  When you make your change, the system will create a support ticket for an inspector to review the changes made to your product to ensure that it is still up to the CheckMate specifications. If you change the price of your asset, this will also create a support ticket for the inspection team to review. If the price is still within the average price of similar models, the request will be approved. If the request is not approved, the price will return back to the original price the model was submitted with.  If the product is no longer up the the standards, the inspector will typically make a small change or correction to the text to re-certify it.  If the change requires a larger edit, the inspector will ask you to edit your product again so it adheres to the CheckMate specification.  Please note that this process does not include changing the price or metadata in a Full Preview.


Editing the model files, or the metadata

If you decide to change the file(s), or metadata of a CheckMate certified product, the badge will be removed temporarily and your inspection ticket will re-open so that an inspector can reassess the model.  If your changes pass re-inspection, your badge will be restored.  If the changes do not pass the re-inspection, then you will be required to edit the product so it conforms to the CheckMate specifications.  Again, if the needed edits are smaller, the inspector may choose to make the change him/herself.
Please note that if your model passes re-inspection, your certification date will change and your commitment period, as stated in the TOS, will restart.