CheckMate Inspection Queues

The products you submit for certification go through two separate queues. Understanding these queues will help you get the most from CheckMate Certification.

The inspection process is as follows:

  1. A product submitted for CheckMate Certification goes into your CheckMate Queue. You can submit as many products as you like to your Personal Queue, where products are listed by submission date.
  2. Next, one or more Personal Queue products are moved to the CheckMate Inspections queue. Only products in this queue are looked at by an Inspector.
    • When you first submit models for certification, you can have just one item in the Inspection Queue, while any others you submit afterward remain in your Personal Queue. The inspector will work with you to get this item through a passing inspection. This period of time is called Education Mode.
    • Once your first model has passed certification, the maximum number of products you can have in the Inspection Queue is determined by your SquidLevel (see below). Products that are not moved into the Inspection Queue remain in the Personal Queue for the time being.
  3. When a product passes inspection, it is moved out of the Inspection Queue. The next Personal Queue submission (by submission date) is moved into the Inspection Queue.
  4. A product that fails inspection remains in the Inspection Queue, waiting for correction and resubmission. Please see CheckMate Submission Process for important information on how to keep your place in the Inspection Queue when you resubmit.
  5. If a product stays in the Inspection Queue for more than a month without passing certification, it is automatically removed from all queues. Please note that this is unlikely to happen for products where you are actively working with an inspector to pass certification. You may resubmit such a product if you wish.

Maximums By SquidLevel

While you can have as many products as you like in your Personal Queue, the number of your products that can be in the Inspection Queue at any one time is determined automatically by your SquidLevel.

  • Diamond – Unlimited
  • Clear thru Ruby – 50 products
Squid Level

CheckMate Queue Section

The CheckMate Queue section shows you the status of your 3D models submitted for CheckMate Certification. Use this section to get quick access to your pending submissions and see recent progress in your certification status.

CheckMate Queue

The total number of models you are allowed to have in your Inspection Queue is determined by your SquidLevel.

If your Inspection Queue is full (has the maximum number of models allowed by your SquidLevel), an empty slot will open up in the Inspection Queue when either (a) a model passes certification, or (b) you cancel a submission in the Inspection Queue.

You can use this section to cancel a CheckMate submission altogether. This is the same as cancelling the submission in the Publisher by clicking Cancel under Step 1.

CheckMate Inspections [Educational Mode]

If you have recently submitted your first 3D model for CheckMate Certification, you are still in Educational Mode. In this mode, you can have only one model in the Inspection Queue. After your first model passes CheckMate, you can have the maximum number of models allowed by your SquidLevel in the Inspection Queue.

CheckMate Inspections

CheckMate Summary

This section lists recent activity with regard to CheckMate inspections. A model marked as Certified has been moved out of the Inspection Queue. Cancelled submissions appear as Failed models in this section.

CheckMate Leaderboard

After at least one of your models has passed CheckMate Certification, a CheckMate Leaderboard appears on this page. This section shows your overall ranking with regard to CheckMate certified models as compared to other artists’ certified models.

The ranking gives you a score based on the following calculation:

  • CheckMate Lite models: 1 point
  • CheckMate Pro models: 10 points

Your total score is displayed on the leaderboard, along with up to 2 artists ahead of you and behind you in ranking.

If you do not want your name to show up in other artists’ leaderboards, please open a support ticket and we will remove you from this feature. Removal from this feature also means you will not see a leaderboard on your CheckMate Queue page.

CheckMate News

This section reports recent news with regard to CheckMate Certification.