Following Up On a CheckMate Submission

As of May19, 2015, the CheckMate submission process has been significantly updated for all new content.  Only some existing content will continue through this process.  Read more on the new CheckMate submission process.

You can download our TurboSquid Tools to check your product before submitting.

After you submit a model for certification, a TurboSquid Staff Inspector checks your product against the specification.

Checking the Status of a Submission

You can check the status of a CheckMate submission by clicking CheckMate Inspection Queue on your member Dashboard, under the CheckMate Certification section.

how to follow up on a CheckMate Certification

CheckMate Certification section

Acceptance / Rejection

  • If the product passes inspection, you will receive a congratulatory support ticket. The CheckMate badge will appear on your product in Search results and Product Preview within 24 hours of receiving the support ticket.
  • If the product fails, you will receive a support ticket outlining the points that need to be fixed to pass inspection. You may make changes to the model or presentation and resubmit the product for certification. Please see Resubmitting a Failed CheckMate Model for important information on how to keep your place in the Inspection Queue when you resubmit.

CheckMate Queues

The products you submit for certification go through two separate queues. These queues govern how many 3D model products you can submit for certification at a time. See CheckMate Inspection Queues for more information.