CheckMate 3D Modeling Standard

CheckMateTM 3D Modeling Standard

Always Build Your Models to Meet Professional 3D Industry Standards

CheckMate is the industry standard for 3D modeling and has been developed by TurboSquid after years of industry research. It is maintained with input from our artists, customers and the CheckMate Advisory Board, a powerhouse group of heavyweight industry professionals.


The CheckMate standard includes best-practices that are used internally by major visual effects companies, game developers, advertising agencies and designers, and it was implemented to help you maintain your skillset as the industry evolves, while ensuring the 3D models you pour your heart and effort into building will be purchased and used by these same companies regardless of their particular internal pipeline. Here’s how CheckMate works:

  1. You can currently build your 3D model in 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D or Lightwave using established CheckMate best practices (additional 3D App support is planned)
  2. You publish your model to TurboSquid and submit it for CheckMate inspection
  3. The TurboSquid inspection staff will review both your 3D model and your Product Page
  4. If the product passes, it gets the CheckMate badge and other benefits as described below
  5. If the product fails, the inspection team communicates with you to assist you in fixing any problems they have discovered to help you achieve CheckMate status

CheckMate Benefits

There are a number of essential benefits for an artist who builds and submits their models for CheckMate certification:

  • Certified models can carry a higher price tag than similar uncertified models. The majority of TurboSquid customers have indicated they would prefer to buy a certified model and would pay more for it.
  • You’ll have far fewer returns because customers understand that your work meets professional technical standards and can rest assured that the model will work.
  • CheckMate certified models get a boost in Search results.

The CheckMate Specification

Ready to get started? Get up to speed on the CheckMate standard and learn what professionals want in stock 3D models. It’s all here including handy CheckMate Pro and Lite spec checklists to help you understand the steps involved in building your own certified professional content.

Learn How to Meet the CheckMate Standard

Take your modeling skills to the next level and start producing CheckMate quality today. You’ll find comprehensive training to help you make sure your models are even more appealing to customers.

Get the CheckMate Tools You Need

Don’t work harder; work smarter when building your CheckMate models by utilizing these great inspection tools. Pre-flight your work before submission and render incredible product shots with less guesswork.

Got More Questions? Here’s Our FAQ

Still looking for answers? Check to see the most common issues artists hit when trying to produce CheckMate models.