CheckMate Certification Policies

CheckMate Certification is a TurboSquid quality inspection and certification program. It is available to you if you are a SquidGuild member, and your 3D model Stock Media Products are published exclusively on the Site according to the SquidGuild Agreement. You agree to the terms and policies herein for Stock Media Products that receive the CheckMate Certification (“CheckMate Models”). Stock Media Products submitted for CheckMate Certification, but which do not pass, are not subject to this agreement. This agreement incorporates by reference the Terms of Use, Publishing Agreement, as well the Site’s policies and procedures.

I. Product Commitment

Changes to downloadable files, product information, search image, product images and previews, price, description (“CheckMate Data”) for CheckMate Models may be made with permission from TurboSquid, or as otherwise made available in the applicable user interface. TurboSquid may adjust price ranges and other product information at its discretion.

CheckMate Models must include all the available file formats for the given model and be reasonably unique in your collection. For example, CheckMate Models should be unique products so customers are clear that there are no other products like it.

You may package CheckMate Models in collections that are composed solely of CheckMate Models, and the collection is of a higher price than the highest priced CheckMate Model.

You may promote CheckMate Models at your personal sites with CheckMate branding and affiliate links unless the website is used to license Stock Media Products. If you have an older personal site that qualifies for an exemption from before the SquidGuild cutoff date, CheckMate Models may be sold at the same or higher price as they are at the Site, however CheckMate branding and references to it may not be included.

II. SquidGuild Commitment

In order to have models CheckMate certified and retain certification, you must be a current member of the SquidGuild. If you leave the SquidGuild, your certified models will undergo the following changes:  

  • Your CheckMate Models will lose their CheckMate designation
  • Your CheckMate Models no longer have to be exclusive.
  • Search rankings for your former CheckMate models will be recalculated based on non-CheckMate status.
  • Your CheckMate models, in addition to all other models you sell, will receive the non-SquidGuild Royalty Rate.