Understanding Ratings

Only those who have downloaded the asset or have been specifically selected as a Trusted Rater are allowed to rate an asset. The ratings scale is from 1-5 and each rater can only rate a particular asset once. Trusted Raters are selected from the vendors, customers and other members of the community who have a history and have built up trust in their abilities to fairly rate products. Be aware that we monitor the ratings given and will remove Trusted Rater status from anyone we find abusing this system.

The ratings can be broken down like this:

  •  5- Is for the highest quality. Photoreal, extremely well done.
  •  4- Is for good quality. More artists can do this, but still is very good.
  •  3- Is for the assets that are fair quality. Some defects, not quite photoreal
  •  2- Is the work of a beginner, with some value and quality
  •  1- Is low quality

If you have a problem with a rating you have been given, please contact the Member Services team by opening aSupport Ticket.